Sunday, May 8, 2011


Looking at the stopped fan, sometimes I wondered why it was staring at me from such a long time. Thunders of thoughts were going through my mind. From the path of my mind these were exploring my heart to a limit where it tends to stop. Having thoughts about a girl, who was sometime completely mine. Girl, who snatched everything away from me. I had lost most of the reasons to live my life happily. A very simple love story was about to end. Though neither it was simple nor going to be ending for me. I was left only with some faded memories in my mind which were the only reasons of my living heart.You feel very trapped when you found yourself in such a condition when you need help but cannot afford yourself to manage help from anyone. In the same condition I was going through.
          I was keep staring at my phone screen and keep pressing the keys to avoid the screen to get phone was silent after a very long time. Having no messages and no miss call. it was same phone which was use to show almost 30 missed call and lots of loving messeges every time. And those missed calls and those replies I was missing like a hell. I had not left my room from 2 days. The atmosphere was totally out of mind from a normal living human. I decided to make a call from my phone, no matter where it goes, Whoever receive the call, I decided to share my condition , my feelings, to the one who was totally unknown to me. So that I  can feel some light and somehow find a way to get away from all of this. I don’t know what forced me to type those ten numbers which were the address of contact of someone. I could hear the bells that were ringing in the speaker. It was showing that someone was very busy because the phone was not picked up until the 8 or 9 times the bell ringed. Same as to my girl who used to let me wait and pick up the phone after long rings.
“hello….!!!!” It was again a girl on phone at other side.
I was in doubt will she be able to understand what was the purpose of my call…???